Allen, Texas

Allen, Texas

Tourism Branding Study

For those looking for an open and easy escape, Allen is an up-and-coming community just north of Dallas where a fresh take on life's simple pleasures creates uncommon anticipation so entertainment is found not only in every event but in every day.

Allen Texas Destination Branding Logo

It’s hard enough being the new kid on the block . . . no one really knows who you are or what you’re about.  But when the block is really super crowded, well that’s a double whammy that’s hard for a destination to overcome. Consider the case of Allen, Texas, located just 30 minutes outside Dallas.  More than 50 competitors saturate the Metroplex with messaging based on cowboys, Texas pride, fun, and nature. Even though Allen is a winner, a lot of visitors weren’t familiar with its relatively recent assets.  Allen needed an identity that was different but relevant enough to give it a face in the marketplace.

According to North Star research, Allen offers a fresh alternative to other experiences in the region.  In Allen, it’s all about enjoying life’s simple pleasures.  Even high-end, sophisticated experiences seem simpler, easier, more relaxed and more real. Allen offers visitors an environment that is open, progressive, youthful, natural and easy in its own skin.  It is constantly new while being true to itself.



Brand Identity

The challenge was finding a memorable way to convey the fresh feeling of Allen. Allen’s simple pleasures – coupled with the destination’s name – translate well to a creative identity grounded in a persona. Allen became the official voice and name for Allen, Texas. His fun, outgoing personality mirrors that of the destination and he spreads the word (in his own words) about Allen in ads, social media entries, outdoor boards, websites, events and rewards programs. He is not just the voice of Allen, but its heart and soul too. And he sincerely means what he says in the strapline, “All the best . . . Allen”. Other custom sign-offs provide a clever twist to this same idea offering shoppers “Happy Hunting”, reaching out to meeting planners with “Let’s Meet Soon” and wishing tournament competitors, “Good Luck”.