Iowa's Creative Corridor

Iowa's Creative Corridor

Regional Economic Development Branding Study

For those seeking  infinite possibility, the region is the conduit for a transformative reaction that sparks knowledge to power, learning to living and dreams to reality so each city, business and individual is exponentially more successful. 

You can lead a horse to water, but can you make it collaborate? Regional economic development is being hailed by the experts as the best way for communities to gain economic growth and competitive advantage. But when the seven counties and 11 economic development organizations anchored by Cedar Rapids and Iowa City formed just such a region, they weren’t sure where to go next. Leaders found themselves in need of a rallying point to facilitate collaborative thinking and turned to North Star for development of a regional economic development brand.

North Star research found that this region along I-380 and I-80 is not just a transportation route, but is more like a transformative conduit offering individuals and businesses the resources and opportunities to change and grow exponentially more successful. Art and science, knowledge and power, learning and teaching, and dreams and reality all co-exist and contribute to the transformative environment. Turns out, everything grows better in Iowa's Creative Corridor!

Brand Identity

The region was renamed “Iowa’s Creative Corridor”, which clearly establishes it as the source of creative innovation in Iowa. A double helix serves triple duty as the logo. On one level it is a stylized representation of the region’s acronym, ICC. On a deeper level, the double helix represents the duality of art and science, the individual and community. Deeper still, the helix is reminiscent of DNA, which represents the spark of life and the signature of the individual. Creative work uses the beauty of real DNA to present the depth and breadth of accomplishments throughout the corridor. In one example, names of all the renowned Pulitzer Prize-winning authors who have graduated from Iowa Writers’ Workshop along with their book titles and movies are woven together to create a DNA strand.

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