Rancho Cordova, California

Rancho Cordova, California

Community Branding Study

For those seeking a can-do culture, Rancho Cordova, with access to miles of scenic beauty along the American River Parkway, is an affordable home base, always looking for innovative ways of working so you spend time moving forward.

Sometimes misfortune opens up new opportunity.  When a major military base closed in Rancho Cordova, the city’s defining asset was gone.  Rather than floundering, city leaders took on the challenge of reinventing themselves that resulted in voting to incorporate as an independent city.  Over a decade of progress and innovation has resulted in a totally reinvented Rancho Cordova. But an outdated image problem was keeping people who thought they knew the city from taking a second look.   

Rancho Cordova is all about innovative ways of making things works.  City government runs efficiently and effectively with input from citizens.  47,000 people go to work daily in Rancho Cordova.  The public and private sector work together to improve schools, health care, infrastructure,  entertainment and the arts.  All this open-minded innovative thinking has resulted in a city that defies expectations.  But it’s not enough to change; you’ve got to get people with preconceived notions to take a second look.