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Our speakers understand how many places (and their leaders) struggle with issues of identity, reputation, quality and growing competition. And after leading 250+ places through the branding process, the North Star team understands the role branding can take in moving places from good to great.

"Across the board, North Star received the highest ratings of any of our speakers"

Pennsylvania Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus


“Identifying a trainer who understands the challenges that an elected official often faces can be challenging itself. Finding North Star was like hitting the jackpot! They know the challenges that elected officials face, and he provides them with successful “how-to” tools to take back and put to work in their communities.”

National League of Cities

"Our audience was enamored with North Star's topic.  In fact, one of the other marketing professionals in the room said it was the best presentation on branding they had ever seen.
My brain was exploding with ideas it sparked. "

Mayor's Summit

Over 100 Speaking Engagements

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We always customize our topics to meet the specific needs of your event. All of which will inspire and empower your attendees to tell their story and be more competitive.