Lancaster, California

For growing families and firms seeking access without congestion, Lancaster borders one of the worlds's largest economies where the opportunities you will find are as clear as the air around you, so the sky is the limit for your future.
Community Wide, Economic Development
About This Project

As Lancaster, California approached its 30th anniversary city leaders were looking for a positive platform from which to promote all the good things happening in the city.  Despite all the progress, some people were focusing more on the challenges that come with being the fastest growing city in California than on the great things that growth brings. What was the best way to frame Lancaster’s successes, creating positive energy that allows the community to continue growing toward the sun?

Research revealed that Lancaster is rich in many of the natural blessings that are scarce in nearby destinations such as Los Angeles.  But the city’s clean air, clear skies, open spaces and endless opportunity were taken for granted by citizens who failed to recognize their value and increasing rarity. Using these resources as a platform for promoting other positive activities gave the community something to rally around and be proud of.  Turns out good news can spread pretty fast, too!

Brand Identity

Lancaster’s evocative line, “It’s positively clear” speaks both to the clear quality of the air as well as to the positive, optimistic nature of the people. The simple plus sign in the blues and greens associated with nature supports the idea of positivity and optimism.