Ada County Highway District

For people going places in Idaho’s capital region, the Ada County Highway District is the go-to transportation authority for the entire county establishing the best ways for growth and mobility, so we all can reach our goals and destinations timely and safely.
About This Project

Ada County (Idaho) Highway District’s jurisdiction was already the largest in Idaho by population, and wear-and-tear, sprawl, and traffic had only increased as the Boise capital region experienced a massive boom in the past decade. The organization worked diligently to scale up operations to match increasing budgets, opening two new facilities to serve its growing suburban communities. Recruitment for open positions could not keep pace, as was the situation nationwide. Meanwhile, the six municipalities within ACHD’s purview were not all in agreement about whether the current arrangement was best for their community. Widespread concerns related mostly to speed and cost, but citizens critiqued ACHD whether or not the road or project in question belonged to ACHD or another agency. ACHD had a difficult time communicating such fine distinctions with a public that was mostly interested in reaching their destination without inconvenience.

Practically everyone in Ada County (and many outside of it) relies on ACHD to get from point A to point B, but they are more than likely unaware that it is ACHD that makes it possible. Residents don’t know who is responsible for a given section of road, walkway, or path. ACHD provides those connections to people, places, and things. Employees of ACHD are rewarded with job satisfaction in knowing they have the resources and the support of the District to do a good job.

Brand Identity

North Star recommended ACHD position itself as a source of connections that go beyond just roads, sidewalks, or pathways. ACHD connects people, allowing them the practical and emotional benefits of connections within communities and between their residents. The new brand evokes forward progress and momentum and reinforces the action it takes to serve its residents. The seven different “movement strokes” are  representative of the 6 cities within the county, along with the unincorporated area. Just like ACHD employees, the new brand is dependable, friendly, and approachable. With more than 5,000 lanes of roadway, 800+ bridges and sidewalks, and countless storm drains, it’s a huge task to keep everything operating at a high level. ACHD doesn’t stop at maintaining satisfactory pathways; they literally and figuratively connect residents to more. Always listening and looking for new ways to connect with the community, ACHD constantly seeks to improve connections and create new ones.