Dublin, Ohio

For those who want to reward themselves and their family with a little extra recreation, Dublin is a worldly, small-town destination with a passionate connection to all things Irish and golf, so no matter what you do it's world-class fun.
About This Project

The streets of upscale Dublin, Ohio come to life during the week with business travelers and twice a year during its major festival and golf tournament. But on weekends the town shuts down as weary business folk head home after meetings. And despite great golf, shopping and attractions, the weekend slack was not being picked up by leisure travelers except during the town’s two major events. How to make business travelers extend their stay for pleasure and leisure travelers consider Dublin as a destination year-round?

Travelers are keen on green. Residents of lovely Dublin, Ohio – despite their lack of much true Irish blood – have embraced their community’s “Irish roots” both in spirit and with a limited selection of Irish shops, pubs and events (Dublin Irish Festival, St. Patrick’s Day). But research revealed that travelers – young, old, business and leisure – are keen on all things green and expect a much more authentic Irish experience when visiting a town named Dublin. They would visit Dublin more frequently if the community offered more of everything Irish. Adding to the lure are Dublin’s many excellent golf courses, which when combined with Irish attractions, are the traveler’s equivalent to the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow.

Brand Identity

People are attracted to Dublin because of it’s happy go lucky Irish spirit and all its Irish assets. And as the Dublin line says, you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy all the fun! Irish is an attitude. The stylized font of the logo immediately brings all things Irish to mind. Messaging and photography juxtapose the assets of actual Ireland with the assets of Dublin and reinforce the idea that when it comes right down to it, Irish is an attitude…and a very fun one at that.