Glendale, California

For people who crave character, Glendale is where the fusion of imagination and planning that has fueled so many creative industries is applied to one-of-a-kind neighborhoods and business districts so everyday living is a little more animated.
Community Wide
About This Project

Playing it safe doesn’t always pay off.  Located in the midst of Los Angeles, Pasadena and Burbank, Glendale, California has a reputation as a quiet, productive, safe community.  But that can translate into boring surrounded by all that glitz and glam. While being safe in Glendale is a good thing, turns out playing it safe doesn’t always pay off.  How then to get noticed in the heart of the most competitive region in the nation?

The key was not to try and make Glendale cooler than its competition, but to identify what is special about the city and then find a provocative hook to leverage that essence for the purposes of economic development. Research revealed that Glendale’s essence is the confluence of dynamic characters and personalities that brings each of the city’s 33 neighborhoods and six business districts to life in a wholly distinct way. The hook is Glendale’s animation industry including being home to the creative campuses of the world-famous DreamWorks Animation and Disney Imagineering.

Brand Identity

The line, “Your Life. Animated” leverages the city’s animation reputation. It can easily be customized by local businesses and industries such as the famous Porto’s bakery using “Your Appetite. Animated”. The logo, which features five brightly colored graphic spirals can be animated for digital use and manipulated with relevant images in the spirals such as fruits and vegetables for the farmer’s market or different brands of high-end cars from the Brand Boulevard of Cars.