Green County, Wisconsin

For those seeking beauty, simplicity and craftsmanship, Green County has a strong Swiss heritage that inspires people to the highest levels of mastery (cheese making, beer brewing, family values, health) so that every day brings greener pastures.
Community Wide, Economic Development
About This Project

Green County, Wisconsin is known worldwide for its choice cheese and astounding number of master cheesemakers. And because cheese pairs perfectly with craft beer, the County also brews up a wide selection of some of the region’s finest. But while there’s not much in life that can’t be improved with excellent cheese and beer, it’s hard to recruit high-tech business or promote your exemplary health care offerings under the banner of cheese. How then can a single brand recognize the mastery of cheese that helps define the County, while still serving the interests of all involved?

Research revealed that yes, you’ll find some of America’s best cheese and beer in Green County. But the real story is even richer. The personal passion, attention to detail and craftsmanship that define Green County’s cheesemaking are also the hallmarks of everything else accomplished in the region from the art of healthcare to the artistry of barn quilts…all of this precisely supported by a way of life that’s built around a proud Swiss heritage.

Brand Identity

This look is anchored by the line “There’s an Art to It” and a clean, dramatic logo that incorporates the Swiss cross into the County name. The color palette combines the red from the Swiss flag and the green that embodies the rolling hills and pastureland of the County. Ads, the website, digital newsletters, collateral, promotions, etc. juxtapose the artisan (whether cheesemaker, young athlete, manufacturer or graphic artist) with his or her completed art (cheese, beer, technology, etc.). Headlines and language showcase how master craftsmanship elevates everything Green County creates to the level of art.