Johnson City, Tennessee

Johnson City is the commercial, educational, cultural and outdoor hub of NE Tennessee, where the best of natural gifts are nurtured and practically applied, so those wanting unobstructed views and viewpoints in a scenic mountain setting can pursue passions naturally.
Community Wide, Economic Development, Tourism
About This Project


Key Challenge

With a sesquicentennial approaching, Johnson City was eager to update a decades-old brand identity and distinguish itself among the Tri-Cities. Eyeing the next 150 years, how can this outdoor mecca and educational powerhouse leverage the region while standing out within it? Johnson City needed a strong brand that positioned itself as a talent magnet for decades to come and a vehicle to celebrate the century and a half that defined its authenticity, culture and self-sufficient nature.

Critical Insight

Johnson City demonstrates a strong commitment to quality of life, particularly to outdoor pursuits. It has more opportunities close to downtown than neighbors like Asheville. So there’s no Asheville envy here, just a desire to enjoy short commutes whether that is to your tech job in a space with exposed brick walls or a mountain bike park on the edge of downtown organized like your favorite ski resort. Like many college towns, Johnson City suffers brain drain as grads chase urban living elsewhere only to find it unaffordable. But this City is not the place to get lost in a theoretical vacuum. The critical thinking and insights gained from higher education get tested and put to work here. You’ll find the innovation you’d expect from universities and the business sector, but take a look at the public sector. Johnson City solved a chronic flooding issue by creating Founders Park that mitigates the problem while creating a beloved space.  Just one of many examples in this picturesque town of how critical thought can go the extra mile in creating critical mass (outdoor rec, downtown activity and community pride).

Brand Identity

Johnson City’s new brand elements serve as an invitation to this mountain setting and economic opportunity.  But it is also a call to action to get outdoors, do your best, and become involved.  Go All Out will obviously attract adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.  But it encourages innovative thinking and gets to a distinction for perseverance and resiliency in this part of the state.  You are part of a strong community here that will Go All Out for your needs and dreams.