Sebastopol, California

For people who value the earth, beauty and simple living, Sebastopol is a place where global consciousness and local flavor are revered, leading you down your own path to self actualization.
Community Wide
About This Project

Boasting all the natural beauty of the Sonoma wine country, this pastoral California community grew from the traditions of apple farming. Today Sebastopol is home to educated, artistic and eclectic residents with a deep commitment to living simple, genuine lives and preserving Mother Earth. But stringent sustainability standards makes business development more difficult. So how can a community dedicated to green goodness grow economically in order to maintain its quality of life…without sacrificing the high standards that define its character?

North Star’s research revealed that growth and green standards are not mutually exclusive. In fact, Sebastopol residents are very supportive of local businesses. The key is to attract residents, businesses and tourists in synch with your standards. Despite Sebastopol’s excellent quality of life, it would be difficult to live and work there if you didn’t truly believe in the principles that define the overall ideology of the population. This is definitely not the place for posers.

Brand Identity

The line “Local Flavor. Global Vision.” encapsulates all Sebastopol stands for. First, the idea of flavor supports both the apple ag heritage and the foodie nature of the people and restaurants. Second, the community is very supportive of authentic local establishments and people. However, all actions are taken with an eye on their global impact, supporting the idea that we are not only connected to the people on our street but to all the people of the world. The logo feels recycled, green and sustainable, while the graphic imagery of an apple that is a globe once again connects the local-global mindset of this conscientious community.