Sioux Falls, South Dakota

For givers and doers motivated to make an impact, scenic Sioux Falls, the cultural center and economic engine for South Dakota and the Northern Great Plains, advances a legacy of investment (personal, cultural, civic, professional) giving you a sense of belonging and outsized opportunities.
Community Wide, Downtown, Economic Development
About This Project


Key Challenge

Is it true that the outcome of coming together is working together? Sioux Falls decided to put that to the test. Multiple organizations wanted to maximize their own efforts by pursuing an integrated brand identity that delivered consistency but retained individuality. Could economic development, tourism, municipal, downtown, and arts interests align strategically and visually? Is the essence of strategy really sacrifice?

Critical Insight

Brand advocacy in Sioux Falls is already extraordinary. There are scores of brand ambassadors at the ready to sing the city’s praises. Research revealed that exceeding expectations and going the extra mile is just standard here. This is a community that is always thinking ahead in new and innovative ways, a habit that spans public, private, and personal interests all while coalescing around a strong sense of community. Economic diversification is a hallmark of the community, as is an almost pervasive entrepreneurial spirit. The quality of life is enviable and surprises most who are unfamiliar. Sioux Falls has always invested in its people, its place, and its progress. That continues today and delivers great opportunity on the Great Plains.

Brand Identity

Sioux Falls is the economic engine and cultural center for the broader region on the Northern Great Plains and invites givers and doers who want to make an impact. The community has a long legacy of investing in its people and progress in ways that foster a sense of belonging and deliver outsized opportunities. It’s no wonder that the community enjoys so much enthusiasm and pride.

The logo is a creative interpretation of the ‘SF’ monogram. The mark creates a shape that is both active and centered, conveying the community spirit and forward-thinking nature of Sioux Falls. A clean, modern typeface is accented with special touches to some characters, giving the word mark a little something extra, a memorable personality of its own. The line speaks directly to the extra effort, support, and opportunity that is uniquely Sioux Falls. It easily applies to all audiences from community residents to economic development to tourism and beyond. It captures the energy and personality of the place and its residents in a meaningful and memorable way.

Sioux Falls is well on its way with an integrated identity with language and visuals that resonate with its range of audiences. So it looks like the outcome of coming together is succeeding together.