Dum Dums made in Bryan, OH

Bryan, Ohio Is No Dum-Dum When It Comes to Building Identity

Remember Dum-Dums? That ubiquitous lollipop available in a multitude of flavors that was always offered in the bank lobby or the doctor’s office waiting room?

Dum-Dums are still going strong and as popular as ever. We bet you didn’t know they were made by the Spangler Candy Company based in Bryan, Ohio, a community nestled in the northwest corner of Ohio with a population of 8,000. Makers of other American candy classics like Necco Wafers and Bit-O-Honey, Spangler has been a Bryan institution since its founding in 1906.

Realizing that their identities weren’t mutually leveraged by the presence of the company in Bryan, the City and Spangler came together on a great idea…repaint the Bryan water tower to feature Dum Dums, giving the playful illusion that Dum Dums are holding up the tank!

This story falls on the lighter side of community branding, but it’s a great lesson in leveraging your best assets. Spangler is proud to feature their beloved product on the tower, and the City is gaining priceless exposure. Afterall, you probably hadn’t heard of Bryan until you read this. In addition to exuding such lighthearted likability, Bryan is also making an economic development play here by touting its status as the headquarters to a major player in the candy industry. That reputation can open doors to more manufacturers to strengthen and diversify their economy.

Bryan is no sucker, and we salute this outstanding community branding strategy!

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