Brookings, South Dakota

For those interested in a supportive community with culture, recreation and access to global markets, Brookings -- home to South Dakota State University -- is where the vigorous exchange of new ideas finds any size dream becoming a reality.
Community Wide, Economic Development
About This Project

College towns are noted for their thriving intellectual, cultural, natural and social environments… and their transient population. Brookings, South Dakota was facing just such a brain drain. South Dakota State University (SDSU) infuses the town with energy, enthusiasm, big ideas and big dreams. But after graduation, many students leave seeking opportunity elsewhere. And despite the fact that entrepreneurs in Brookings have found global success, the community has a reputation as a place to learn but not a place to land.

North Star research found that opportunity extends beyond the college into economic development, community involvement, culture and quality living… even into the global marketplace. This enclave for inspiration is open not just to students but also for graduates, entrepreneurs, singles, families and retirees. Strategic partnerships between Brookings and SDSU on initiatives such as Research Park and Innovation Campus are funneling university expertise and research findings into commercial viability that benefits residents.

Brand Identity

The creative work for this brand is imbued with youthful energy and optimism, appealing directly to dreamers of all ages… The line Bring Your Dreams evokes the idea that this is a place where ideas are the foundation for dreams and dreams are the foundation for progress. A simple graphic logo featuring a fan of stylized exclamation point conveys excitement and possibility.