Tehachapi, California

For those seeking a fresh alternative, the Greater Tehachapi Area, where the Central Valley meets Southern California, is a charming, invigorating mountain setting that energizes and elevates your quality of life.
Community Wide
About This Project

Go tell it on the mountain! But tell exactly what to whom…and how…were the questions that needed answering in Tehachapi, California. This charming town is perched just outside of LA County and just under 4,000 feet elevation. North Star’s Brand Barometer revealed that their 14,000 citizens are some of the most positive and passionate city residents in the nation. But infrequent and inconsistent marketing efforts weren’t effectively channeling their advocacy.

Research revealed that many of the assets and benefits Tehachapi enjoys are the result of their mountain setting. The famous Tehachapi Loop, the climate boasting four true seasons, fresh air, scenic beauty, renewable energy, outdoor life and general mountain town charm all owe their existence to the community’s elevated altitude. But the city is technically not “in the mountains”, but rather is a mountain valley. So, there was some debate on how to best claim their “mountain town” status.  The conclusion; regardless of mountain or mountain valley, there is only one direction the population base of Southern California can go to reach Tehachapi – and that’s up.

Brand Identity

North Star recommended that Tehachapi leverage their mountain setting as a way to elevate all things. In other words, “Live Up”. In Tehachapi, living up means reaching new heights professionally and personally, as well as mentally and physically. It means you’re consistently working up, playing up and growing up in every sense of the word. The logo, like Tehachapi’s mountain air, is crisp, clean and fresh with an almost spiritual quality.