Buffalo Grove, Illinois

For families and good neighbors who feel a responsibility to each other, Buffalo Grove, a strong home base of ease and accessibility in Chicagoland, is welcoming, astute and leading by example, as everyone contributes to a culture of achievement.
Community Wide
About This Project

Buffalo Grove thrives as a northwestern Chicago suburb as a strong community in many ways, central among them the Village’s planful approach to everything. In early 2023, the Village put together a three pronged strategy to “Move BG Forward.” This plan consisted of a strategic plan, comprehensive plan, and a community identity branding initiative. Their plan to coordinate and sync efforts is already paying dividends as they develop a Village to match the expectations of its residents. Among the multitude of small communities that surround Buffalo Grove in Chicagoland, it has been difficult for the Village to stand out as particularly unique. You don’t really know you’ve arrived in Buffalo Grove, nor do you know that you are there when you’re enjoying all that the Village has to offer. The Village doesn’t have the benefit of a central town square or physical community hub. This lack of central core can lead to a feeling of dispersion among residents; however, a new development is on the horizon with the potential to address this issue. This development will also add new dining and late-night options in Buffalo Grove—encouraging residents to stay in town for a nice evening out. Finally, while Buffalo Grove is a great community for families with school-aged children, individuals without children or those whose children have graduated may struggle to find a sense of belonging.

Buffalo Grove demonstrates a focus and priority on families and kids and therefore attracts people with those interests. The community encourages interaction and engagement in schools, parks, libraries, and more, which is met with collaboration and shared priorities of improving self, others, and the environment. The Village is recognized for its ability to create a quality of life that draws families and the businesses and opportunities to support them.

The community is quietly raising expectations by regularly exceeding them. Village staff is dedicated to working toward a strong future in creative and innovative ways: parks, schools, gathering places, and commerce. People move to Buffalo Grove specifically for the schools, knowing their kids will receive an excellent education, likely putting them on a path for premier colleges. Buffalo Grove is centered on achievement for everyone.

Brand Identity

The “Smart. With Heart.” line succinctly describes the culture and character of the Village. It conveys that the community isn’t just about intellect, but also about being warm, inviting, and accepting. It’s a versatile line and story that can be applied to various aspects of community life, from education and business to social initiatives and events. The new icon showcases the friendly and welcoming feel and unique personality that exists here. Having the word “Buffalo” in your name, you may think it’s imperative to show a Buffalo, or allude to it. This icon puts a little more emphasis on the “Grove” part of their name, incorporating vibrant leaves and reinforcing the beautiful physical environment that Buffalo Grove offers for its residents and visitors. This also conveys the growth and trajectory that each individual, business, or visitor can enjoy.