Zephyrhills, Florida

For those seeking new energy with the peace and ease of a charming, authentic Florida, Zephyrhills, amidst the rolling countryside of Pasco County just north of Tampa, embraces an invigorating legacy of well-being that endures, where opportunity springs eternal.
Community Wide
About This Project

Situated on the eastern edge of the Greater Tampa Bay area, Zephyrhills is a beacon in Pasco County and a real player in Florida’s Sports Coast, humming with activity. Zephyrhills has long been known as the “City of Pure Water.” On an oasis of natural springs and a seemingly endless supply of water, it’s no wonder that the Zephyrhills Water Bottling Company made this place its home. In addition to the fame sourced by water, Zephyrhills has historically been regarded as a go-to destination for seasonal northern residents looking to snowbird to a warmer place. While this put Zephyrhills on the map a century ago, the off-season leaves homes and lots vacant and businesses struggling. On the other hand, a recent housing boom is quickly altering the City’s landscape with ongoing construction and new residential developments. The City’s master plan development is aimed at increasing high-wage industrial jobs and boosting the region’s economy over the next 20 years. With this growth comes challenges of upkeep. The entryways need some freshening up, as it currently gives incomers a negative first impression. Maintaining a small town feel and true sense of community is a challenge as housing costs rise and growth continues, drawing in newcomers who may not immediately appreciate the heritage of the place.

Snowbirds aren’t the only seasonal guests in Zephyrhills. For decades, Zephyrhills has been known worldwide as a major skydiving destination, where professional and recreational parachutists visit from around the world to partake in ideal jump conditions and specialty aircrafts. Zephyrhills has always welcomed travelers, soldiers, families, and businesses and supported those interests.

Zephyrhills has a rich history and an established Downtown core, creating an irreplicable authenticity. There’s a restorative spirit here that lets you relax outside the chaos and crowds of Tampa Bay. Well-being is a priority—health, wellness, community spirit, professional opportunity—and it is a strong draw for talent and, therefore, business. Zephyrhills is a place of opportunity and optimism.

Brand Identity

Their invitational line, “Jump Right In,” conveys a strong sense of action and possibility. It allows Zephyrhills to deliver the idea that there is a better way of life here that is easy to access and achieve. This message has a subtle tie to water and also speaks to skydiving. Furthermore, it is adaptable to message all of the benefits of life and business in Zephyrhills. This line can be used for events, groups, and tourists to invite people to give Zephyrhills a try.

Research showed that outsiders had a hard time knowing the pronunciation of Zephyrhills. This led to the two color breakup of the city’s name, making it simpler to read but also giving people a moment of pause on this memorable name. The flowing portion of the “Z” mark provides a sense of forward motion and ease, while also highlighting Zephyrhills best known features—the air and water.