Clark County, Nevada

For business upstarts and stalwarts tired of waiting in line, Clark County, Nevada, disrupts expectations and accelerates outcomes, so you can reach the globe and make that little league game before dinner while enjoying a strategic location in the Western U.S. where outdoor rec often outshines the Vegas neon.
Economic Development
About This Project

When your county includes one of the brightest and most well-known locations in the world, how do you put the spotlight on all of your other wonderful assets? Clark County, home of the Las Vegas strip, needed to rise to that challenge. The newly-formed Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) needed to let people know about the abundant opportunity that is available to talent and businesses looking for their next location, or to local businesses seeking to expand.

Everyone knows Clark County, home of the Las Vegas strip, as a place whose bright lights have beckoned the world for years. It is well-known to a global audience as a world-class destination for conventions, meetings, and leisure travel. However, the benefits of this culture, available space, ready access to the world and its impact on quality of life and the thriving innovation ecosystem here is a story that has gone untold. Coupled with fewer regulations, tax advantages and a demonstratively supportive and responsive government, this story provides a more complete picture of the benefits of Clark County as a location for businesses and innovators looking for greater success and a fuller life.

Brand Identity

Clark County needed to capitalize on its most renowned asset and leverage it to introduce the broader story of the area. The line “Bright Beyond the Lights” clearly positions the county as more than Vegas, invites exploration, disrupts expectations and creates a link to the benefits of the location. The brand is built with a vivid color palette with a direct connection to the year-round outdoor adventures that await in Clark County while the visual with a subtle light bulb embedded in the icon drives home the message that this a forward-looking place where bright minds, ideas, days, and futures are cultivated.

Their new brand has served as the perfect vehicle to tell the stories of innovation around UNLV and the Harry Reid Technology park where some of the most cutting edge businesses are already building their futures, the smart infrastructure that helps businesses and lives run smoothly and efficiently, and their variety of neighborhoods outside of the urban core but with ready access to all of the benefits of city life. This new brand encourages looking closer at a location that is the bright place for growth.