Denison, Texas

For people seeking progress in a more relaxed environment, Denison is a place where ingenuity has harnessed the power of casual lake living letting you create, recreate, or re-create . . . as the mood moves you.
Community Wide, Economic Development
About This Project

Denison, Texas is located on the shores on the fourth largest lake in the nation, Lake Texoma. Lake access is a significant asset for residents, economic development and tourism. But many other communities in the region were using the lake as their marketing point of difference. Denison needed a brand that recognized their proximity to the lake, but set them apart from the competition by identifying their absolutely, unique relationship with this significant body of water.

Research revealed that Denison is a hub of ingenuity. The city’s most famous son is Dwight D. Eisenhower, who helped win a war and save the nation. Denison is also home to Thomas Volney Munson, whose ingenuity saved the world’s wine industry and Sully Sullenberger – the pilot who saved all 155 of his passengers by landing in the Hudson. It’s the home to Texas’ first ice cream soda, the first free public grade school and the first women’s club. Not to mention home to engineers and others who developed the technology to harness the power of the Red River, which saved the region from flooding and created Lake Texoma, an engineering miracle and the nation’s fourth largest man-made lake.

Turns out that Denison ingenuity actually created the Lake that everyone in the region is so attached to. And in turn, Lake Texoma has tempered Denison’s get-it-done gumption with a relaxed easy-going nature that makes getting ahead a lot more fun.

Brand Identity

The duality of the region is represented by a sailboat logo, symbolizing forward progress…but in an easy breezy way. A “D” for Denison forms the sail of the boat and gives a nod to the popularity of sailing on Lake Texoma. The line “Moving Forward, Kicking Back” reinforces the can-do attitude that exists comfortably in the same cultural context as the relaxed ambiance.