Goshen County, Wyoming

For pioneers of the 21st century, Goshen County, located on the Oregon Trail Historic Byway, is still the way station for the westward traveler offering the respite and reward you’re looking for on your adventure.
About This Project

In tourism, visitor perception is everything. Lots of travelers pass by and through Goshen County daily. But the region is vast, and most visitors are unaware of all it offers except the gas they can see right off the main interstate. Historically, Goshen County’s Fort Laramie was the waystation for travelers heading west on the Oregon Trail. In today’s modern world that waystation reputation needed to be revised a bit to include not just refueling but also exploring the adventures of the area.

The vastness of the region was intimidating to visitors who were headed elsewhere and didn’t understand the unique experiences that just a little bit of exploration would reveal. Goshen County needed an identity that showcased the remarkable contrasts of the region’s vast and beautiful landscape with the delightful treasures hidden throughout it.

Brand Identity

The line “Big Land. Small Pleasures.” sets up the contrast of wide-open and intimate that defines the Goshen County experience. The logo uses illustrated typography to present a western feel in a clean classic way. It is a strong tie to the region’s history and to the prevalent ranching culture that still exists today, feeling almost like a cattle brand. The ad design also showcases the region’s western heritage. The strapline doubles as a headline and sets up the photographic dichotomy featuring a “Big Land” image on the top and a series of “Small Pleasures” on the bottom. Copy reads “Every intimate moment, every unexpected discovery, is a reminder that life’s greatest pleasures are often the smallest ones.” This dichotomy is used throughout creative deliverables.