Round Rock, Texas

For those who like to live local, Downtown Round Rock is a respite from routine (easy to find local/authentic places, easy for business and easy to enjoy) providing you a place to unwind and relax.
About This Project

Leaders wanted residents of the community of Round Rock to view charming Downtown Round Rock as the natural choice for shopping, dining or playing. Rather than going head to head with nearby Austin’s renowned nightlife, the key was to create a complementary identity that positioned this special place as the easy, comfortable and welcoming way to escape the everyday.

Like your favorite pair of jeans, Downtown Round Rock is something nearby residents can slip into at a moment’s notice, instantly shedding the stresses of the day. Unpretentious but utterly captivating, this unique Downtown relies on its history for its architectural charm, but the upbeat vibe and welcoming attitude are 100% the result of the merchants and restaurateurs who have located their one-of-a-kind businesses there. Downtown Round Rock feels like home, except everyone else is taking care of you.

Brand Identity

The line “Right at Home” invites visitors to make themselves at home even as it touts the benefits of getting away from the stresses of everyday life without any of the hassles that a night out usually implies. After all, when things are so right in Round Rock, why wouldn’t you stay right at home? The logo uses the historic water tower as its center piece and feels warm and inviting with a hint of vintage. The visual look for the brand uses vibrant photography with touches of denim, reinforcing that “comfortable as your favorite jeans” feel. The denim touch is carried through in places like pole banners and merchant aprons.