Goshen, Indiana

For those who value community, Goshen is the county seat and a manufacturing hub in Elkhart County where a tradition of being motivated by the greater good gives you a sense of belonging and the reward of contributing.
Community Wide
About This Project

Goshen, Indiana is a city where citizens and leaders alike are focused more on the greater good than on themselves.  The result is a community that works together to support every citizen equally with a focus on volunteerism and giving.  But when developing a community brand, some leaders worried that an identity focused on altruism might diminish other assets including an entrepreneurial environment, natural beauty and a charming downtown.

North Star research found that Goshen’s quality of life assets are a direct result of a legacy focused on helping others. That legacy enhances the quality of life for residents, which in turn makes the area attractive to visitors and economic development interests.  Turns out that what goes around truly does come around!

Brand Identity

The Goshen County logo exemplifies the idea of separate entities — be they people, businesses or organizations — coming together to create a whole that is stronger than its parts. (In the logo, each letter is a separate block. When unified they create Goshen.) Much like the people of Goshen, the logo is not flashy or fancy but is strong and solid. The line “Common Good. Uncommonly Great.” hones in on the idea that working for the common good can have extraordinary results. Headlines in ads play directly off the strapline to showcase the community’s primary assets.