Miami County, Ohio

For forward thinkers moved by traditions, Miami County, Ohio, is a collection of communities, main streets and open spaces, where homegrown values have created an enduring legacy connecting you to the very best of the past, present and future.
Community Wide
About This Project

Defining a community succinctly and memorably is difficult because so many organizations, assets and agendas must be taken into account.  In beautiful open Miami County, Ohio the situation becomes more challenging because it is regional with the added element of multiple preserved historic downtowns and cities.  With a foundation built on the best of an agricultural past and a future being defined by progressive pioneers, landing on a brand for this quintessential hometown was no easy matter.

In today’s transient world, people are searching for a place where they can truly connect with things that matter and be a part of something bigger and better, more meaningful and more lasting. From the research, North Star learned that outsiders are attracted to the values and standards upheld by Miami County’s citizens and businesses, values rooted in the county’s agricultural past.  The people in Miami County are hardworking and self-sufficient.  They understood the value of tradition and have carefully preserved nature and open space, architecture and their historical story. At the same time, respect for tradition has not left the county rooted in a bygone era. Drive and determination have shaped the landscape of a very progressive future.

Brand Identity

The line “Home. Grown. Great.” works on multiple levels for this brand. First, it provides a platform from which to promote the astounding array of homegrown heroes, festivals, attractions, businesses and products in the county. It gives a strong nod toward the county’s agricultural heritage but allows the region to showcase all of the very progressive things taking place at home as well. It also works to establish Miami County as the region’s quintessential hometown. The logo is reminiscent of an agricultural label, but bold colors and modern accents make it feel forward-thinking. Ads and other designed communications use modern photos and bright colors encased in the shape of the county for nuanced meaning. Headlines provide a customized twist on the strapline.