Johns Creek, Georgia

For those with great goals and greater drive Johns Creek is THE emerging city in Greater Atlanta and the pinnacle for Atlanta’s highest achievers across many cultures where an emphasis on achievement serves as a catalyst for the life you imagined.
Community Wide
About This Project

Communities steeped in history are grounded in a reputation (and thus a brand) that is decades old.  But when your reputation isn’t set in the stone of ages – such as with new communities – identifying your true and authentic essence can be a little more difficult.  Like branding a teenager whose major achievements are yet to come!  Such was the case with Johns Creek, Georgia, which grew from a suburb outside Atlanta to a vital incorporated city in a matter of years.  How best to position this dynamic community to point future growth in a positive direction.

It’s the classic chicken and egg conundrum.  Which came first in Johns Creek?  The residents, students, athletes and businesses who are inspired by excellence and striving to be exceptional?  Or the environment of excellence in Johns Creek including schools, athletic facilities, resources, neighborhoods and close connections that support and spur on exceptional lives?  Either way, the defining factor in Johns Creek is the truly exceptional nature of its people and the place itself.  But unlike a lot of places where higher standards prevail, Johns Creek is not snooty or closed.  The community welcomes achievers of all ethnicities to be a part of this emerging community which creates a spirit that is anything but vanilla and status quo.

Brand Identity

The line “be the exception” is a call to action for residents, students, athletes and businesses looking to leave ordinary behind. The logo features ribbons or awards that double as a winner’s podium. Bright primary colors keep the logo youthful and optimistic and a lower case type treatment for the strapline contributes to this lighter feel. The look features a series of representative photographs that open up to welcome the consumer into the community, managing to feel at once exclusive and inviting. Headlines encourage people to leave the ordinary behind and be their most exceptional selves.