Columbus, Georgia

For those who appreciate true Southern charm, Columbus is a growing city in South Georgia where gracious hospitality and natural beauty are the backdrop for an amenity-filled urban setting, so you feel relaxed, peaceful and enriched.
About This Project

Once a sleepy southern town, Columbus, Georgia has undergone a cultural revival over the last decade. Over 200,000 citizens enjoy world class facilities, Fortune 500 businesses, and an exceptional cultural product.  Despite all the growth, Columbus was still perceived as small town and small time.

Columbus is that unique city that manages to have it all.  Stakeholders have used the financial returns of the city’s progress and growth to preserve and protect the history that makes the place so charming.  Business prospects and visitors alike spoke of their experiences in the amenity filled, urban setting of uptown Columbus but also mentioned the beautiful historic architecture and culture. The values of the past have been preserved in Columbus as well; hard work and a hand shake still mean something.

Brand Identity

The line “What progress has preserved” beautifully encapsulates the idea that a city’s history doesn’t have to be abandoned or pushed aside to make way for progress. A series of detailed hand-rendered line illustrations showcase the many assets in Columbus — both historic and current. Different organizations within the community use different illustrations in their logos, allowing for customization within a branded framework.