La Vista, Nebraska

For those who seek a relaxed vibe but still want to be in the middle of it all, La Vista, Nebraska’s newest city in the fastest growing region of the state, is a thoughtful community where small gestures and big ideas are both priorities so you can enjoy today with confidence in the future.
Community Wide
About This Project

Key Challenge

What’s a community to do when common descriptors are overshadowed and overlooked? Such was the dilemma for La Vista, Nebraska: Overshadowed by its older, slightly larger neighbor Papillion, which takes top billing for shared assets like the school district. And overlooked by an even larger neighbor to the north, Omaha. How can this town used to second thoughts get folks to take a first or fresh look? Should be easy when your name literally means “view.” Right?

Critical Insight

La Vista enjoys a comfortable setting as the newest city in the middle of the state’s fastest-growing region. The location serves as a calm, family-friendly oasis in a crowded metro with easy access to the best of that region. It boasts a forward-thinking perspective unlike some neighbors, which ensures an unlikely balance of outsized economic opportunity and enviable small-town sense of community.

Brand Identity

North Star recommended pursuing folks who want to be in the middle of opportunity and activity while enjoying a strong sense of community. La Vista appeals to those who celebrate small gestures and innovate with big ideas. It stands out as a place not chasing trends but truths in its decision making, which gives residents and businesses the confidence to succeed.

For a community whose name means view, creative elements should elevate that device both in tone and visuals. Brand tools should encourage audiences to change their perspective on La Vista while giving them a place to improve their own future. The design mark is both a stylized monogram “LV” and a take on framing a view with your hands or fingers like a photographer might demonstrate. The line plays on the name and can be interpreted as either “a place from which to view something” or “a way of thinking.” It underscores the message that La Vista is in “the middle of it all,” from where you can see (access) everything.