Fayetteville, North Carolina

For those interested in a southern location with a global perspective and new energy, Fayetteville and Cumberland County, at the heart of the Carolinas and home to the world’s largest U.S. military installation, is where America’s most highly trained professionals and most devoted neighbors always go further for you, encouraging, enabling and advancing your goals and dreams.
Community Wide
About This Project

Key Challenge

Regionalism is hard. Most don’t even attempt it. But Fayetteville and Cumberland County in North Carolina are not most places. You probably know something about this strategic spot in the Carolinas. It is home to Fort Bragg, the world’s largest US military installation. But it is by no means one-dimensional. The region brought together every aspect of the place — Cities, County administration, Economic Development and Tourism organizations, Chamber, the Arts, Downtown, and more — for this effort. They knew that the benefit of coming together is working together towards an updated narrative for the region.

Critical Insight

North Star found that the military strength of Fort Bragg certainly shapes the dynamics of the region, but that the region shapes the lives of the military. Getting boots on the ground within hours across the globe is not possible without the boots on the ground in Cumberland County (especially those not in the military). Lifelong residents, immigrants, artists, entrepreneurs, and service members and their families in the region share a commitment to readiness, concrete action and determination: Fayetteville and Cumberland County stand united by the lessons of its history, the lifeblood of traditions, and the promise of its future. It’s an obligation and a duty here to make things happen for the country, the community and one another. As one voice from the research simply put it, “We can, so we must.”

Brand Identity

North Star recommended targeting those who seek a comfortable southern location with a vibrant, youthful energy that comes from highly trained professionals with a global perspective who are as supportive as they are driven in the pursuit of goals and dreams (yours and each other’s).

The creative challenge with so many partners committed to a regional approach while requiring their own individuality was significant. A diverse color palette celebrates the global cultures that the region and its partners enjoy. Consistent typography communicates strength and the area’s welcoming nature. Shared elements like the star provide a connection and structure for integration. But it is language and vocabulary that will connect the dynamic parts of the region. as they invite interest and investment. In its own way, each partner needs to make “can do” the go to for their organization in service and generosity. This will serve each partner well and advance recognition for the whole. Collectively, “CAN DO Carolina” serves as an invitation and an anthem for the region. It certainly reflects the collaborative spirit and commitment to regionalism demonstrated during this project. And that made for a successful coordinated launch for the regional brand, with so many partners on board showcasing how it works for their organization while elevating the region.

The Fayetteville and Cumberland County logo family: