Midlothian, TX

For those attracted to the tradition and trajectory of Texas and the sensibility of a small town, Midlothian, at the confluence of Dallas, Ellis, and Tarrant Counties, faithfully carves a strong foundation for families and enterprise, so you can harvest opportunity while honoring small-town charm and tradition.
Community Wide
About This Project

The City of Midlothian was experiencing the effects of rapid growth rippling from its northern neighbors—Dallas and Fort Worth. The population had nearly doubled each decade since 1990, and the few years following the COVID-19 outbreak saw Midlothian grow by over 10%. With newcomers moving in, the establishment of a second high school, and continued infrastructure expansion, Midlothian leadership wanted to assess the city’s identity. An earlier Midlothian brand was adopted in 2005, which modernized the city at the time. The brand gained a certain level of recognition, but the recent growth incited a need to rethink the city’s identity and ensure a relevant and modern image. Midlothian’s prior tagline pointed to the region more than it did to the city itself. Midlothian’s secondary nickname aligned with the city’s industrial heritage, which still reigns strong, but was simultaneously associated with a negative reputation of pollution, despite mitigation efforts. The city needed to create a brand that residents and businesses could endorse as something truly unique to Midlothian that instilled pride and shared the city’s strengths.

Midlothian is ideally located—with all that the metroplex has to offer but without the chaos and crowds. Regional developers have identified the transportation corridor surrounding Midlothian as an opportunity for economic development. With an escarpment running through the city, Midlothian is literally carved out of the North Texas bedrock as an industrial power, best seen at its cement and steel plants. But even with the city’s economic success and influx of new residents, Midlothian maintains an enviable, small-town quality of life. Many praise their faith and fellowship for the strong sense of community; neighborly generosity is still a priority here. It’s a place of opportunity for families and businesses alike, where people have the freedom to grow and prosper.

Brand Identity

Midlothian shares the Texas ideals of celebrating tradition while embracing growth. The city is planning for the future well by allowing growth to come but staying true to the city’s foundations. Midlothian lays the groundwork for success—from great schools to economic investment to a caring community, and the city’s commitment to a neighborly, welcoming atmosphere and diversifying industry shines on a positive outcome.

All of this leads to the creation of a strong icon that is unique to Midlothian, featuring subtle heart-shaped pieces that come together to form a star. The strapline, “Strong Foundations. Bright Futures.,” is a nice blend of Midlothian’s tradition and progress that ties in the industrial heritage, current momentum, and exciting placemaking activities.