New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region

For those drawn to the natural beauty and energy of the outdoors, the Monadnock Region, in the scenic southwest corner of New Hampshire, is remote but not removed and inspires the independence to follow your own path without having to stand alone, where you are free to make the best of every day.
Monadnock Region, NH trade show banners
Economic Development, Tourism
About This Project

The Monadnock Region of New Hampshire is overshadowed by the more popular and better promoted regions of the state like the White Mountains, the Lakes, and the Seacoast. Without a formal DMO (destination management organization), the promotion of the region was disjointed and intermittent. The Greater Keene & Peterborough Chamber secured funding and organized a Promote The Region group to advance the awareness and regard for SW New Hampshire as a place to live, visit, learn, and work. The region’s reputation as isolated was affecting the cities’ and hamlets’ ability to retain and recruit talent. But as all visitors soon discover, they got there faster than expected and returned even faster. So the region and its parts and partners knew that they needed to coalesce and collaborate to communicate the whole of the experience as closer than you think.

The Monadnock Region, a scenic, energetic corner of the Granite State, enjoys a location with open space and vistas in which to thrive and be inspired. It’s closer to larger metros than its reputation suggests, and it presents opportunities for adventurers, artists, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and more. It promises the independence to pursue any range of interests and do so with the support and encouragement of generous communities. Monadnock is a place for discovery—whether personal, professional, playful, creative, etc. The region offers an enviable quality of life so that entrepreneurs, travelers, families, students, and professionals achieve a work-life balance that rewards their preferred pursuits and allows them to do more.

Brand Identity

The brand is an invitation to this remote but removed outdoor playground that inspires folks to follow their own path of discovery and creativity without isolation. And with that discovery comes the realization that the region is a strong location for business and entrepreneurs. Remember tourism is economic development’s first date. As part of the cohesive brand, the new mark for the Monadnock Region is highly legible, but not too modern. A san serif font provides the base of the wordmark, and the verticality of the letter forms project stability while the customizations give it a friendly and welcoming feeling. The letter forms combined with the icon provide a sense of movement and exploration and give a sense of the natural environment and beauty in the region. A handwritten script font treatment on the tagline reinforces the invitational feeling and sense of movement. Within thriving distance positions the region as remote but not removed and reachable with phonetic similarity to “within driving distance”. It says that this is a place where you can get more out of life and where your career and family can grow and thrive.

The welcoming invitation to adventure and discovery at every turn is showcased in the brand narrative:

If you feel unheard, rushed, and uninspired in your current state — emotionally or physically — there is a place that invites you to rediscover yourself and how good life can be. Close enough to Boston to be a day trip, the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire offers you the chance to forge your own path in a remote but not removed setting. Once you arrive, you may find that one day isn’t nearly enough, though. More likely, you’ll want a weekend, a week, or perhaps a whole new life here.

Nestled in the southwest corner of New Hampshire, in the Monadnock Region, you will find the thriving city of Keene and a collection of flourishing towns, each with its own distinct personality, that inspires you to explore and enjoy more. Here, we invite you to imagine your perfect path, whether that leads to an unforgettable vacation, a more balanced life, or a brand new life that redefines what thriving really is. No matter where you are headed, you will soon find that in the Monadnock Region you are always within thriving distance.

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