Quincy’s Calling

Quincy’s Calling is the integrated marketing campaign that is attracting working residents to the City of Quincy, Illinois. Quincy needed to drive new workers to the area to fill jobs in key industries and now people are relocating from all across the United States to call Quincy home.
Community Wide, Economic Development
About This Project

Key Challenge

With a population of just under 40,000 and over 800 open jobs, the City of Quincy, Illinois was dealing with a decline in population and an increase in job openings, both of which would have a negative impact on the local economy long-term. Local officials as well as employers in the Quincy area became concerned that even more jobs and capital investment would leave the area if they were not able to fill jobs locally. Adding net new residents that could fill open jobs in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and logistics would provide employers assurance that they can grow their operations in Quincy and the local economy would benefit from the increase in population.


The main objective of the campaign – Quincy’s Calling – was to drive working residents to the City of Quincy. The campaign targeted prospective residents/workers in a certain radius around Quincy with messages highlighting the quality of life in Quincy and the career opportunities along with an incentive that would give new residents property taxes rebates or rent relief. Quincy’s Calling would also build awareness of Quincy as a cost-effective destination with a high quality of life for remote workers.


The media portion of the Quincy’s Calling leveraged traditional media buy mediums such as out of home digital billboards, television, radio, digital video and display banners, paid social media, and earned outlets such as public relations and organic social media. Some of the results from the media campaign included over 12 million impressions, 6,000 website clicks, radio spots, TV spots and online video views.

The City of Quincy also set up a process through quincyscalling.com to receive applications for the incentive program as well as an ability to follow up with prospects who wanted to learn more about Quincy. This process was supported with a marketing automation platform to send out emails, forms and newsletters and help account for incentive approvals. As of December 1, 2022, 136 people have moved to Quincy and over 3,500 names have been added to the database since the campaign’s inception.