Montrose, Colorado

For those seeking an expansive Colorado experience, Montrose is a historical town on the edge of the awe-inspiring Black Canyon, where it serves as base camp for deep adventure and unexpected wonder putting all things in perspective.
Downtown, Tourism
About This Project

Sometimes the thing that makes your destination unique is as clear as the nose on your face… that is, to everyone but you. Montrose is perched on the rim of the awe-inspiring Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park – but had done little to leverage that relationship. Sometimes you just assume that people are making the connection between you and the nose on your face – or the canyon in your backyard. In fact, in the void of information, visitors were actually connecting the canyon to better-known but much-more-distant Gunnison, Colorado. Exacerbating the situation was the relative obscurity of the Black Canyon – a direct result of being the newest addition to the national park family and the notorious under marketing of most national parks in general.

When your destination exists on the very edge of the awe-inspiring Black Canyon, your tourism destiny is clear. Position your community as the portal to this national treasure. Adding to the allure of the Canyon connection is Montrose’s singular position in the Colorado tourism landscape – non-commercial, arty, western, historical and a haven for diverse outdoor recreation. It turns out Montrose offers visitors three times the fun for their travel dollar: portal to the Canyon, base camp for recreation and home to a western history almost as old, deep and rugged as the Black Canyon itself.

Brand Identity

The line “Look Deeper” is an obvious play on the depth of the Black Canyon, but the additional meaning in the line encourages visitors to look beyond the readily apparent to discover new and wonderful things about themselves as people and Montrose as a destination. A gritty line illustration of the Canyon supports the line while the majestic soaring font of the word “Montrose” is representative of the walls of the Canyon. Messaging focuses on how the grandeur and wonder of such a place impacts the visitor personally.