New Rochelle, New York

For those seeking their ideal, any ideal, New Rochelle, just 30 minutes from the heart of Manhattan and everywhere within reach, is where a heritage of originality, refreshed perspectives, and a culture of inclusion, inevitably creates New York’s next great place.
Community Wide
About This Project

Key Challenge

Despite its strategic location on the Long Island Sound, Metro North line, I-95 and just a short train ride from Manhattan, New Rochelle, New York long suffered from a lack of awareness, activity and unity, which impeded its growth opportunities. A lack of consensus existed in the community on what New Rochelle represents as well as what its growth strategy should be in order to maximize its economic opportunities. Further, the lack of downtown development fostered a perception of stagnation, blight and crime among residents and neighbors. In response, the city sought a brand DNA, identity and narrative that could help bring clarity, build unity and spark growth across its opportunity-filled community.

Rich with talent and long serving as a magnet for independent thinkers in art and business, New Rochelle has built a legacy of originality and individual expression with historical significance. The city’s park-like setting is home to three colleges of great renown – Iona, Monroe and the College of New Rochelle – as well as an urban core popular among a young demographic of entrepreneurs and artists. Healthcare is a key driver of its economy and the area’s business friendly focus sets the city up for growth.

Between the downtown area’s passion for creativity and culture and the potential of its waterfront, New Rochelle offers an urban experience without the undesirable chaos of its neighbors. There is an ease to life in the community.

Brand Identity

New Rochelle is a community increasing in mobility, diversity, culture, accessible housing and amenities that is ideal for young professionals and new families looking to grow with its city.

Hence the strapline, Ideally Yours, which stands as an open invitation to inspire people to pursue their ideals in New Rochelle. It is an exclamation about the possibilities within the city and a statement encouraging others to make the community ideally theirs as they grow together.

The logo mark is made up of a modern, transparent lockup of the “NRNY” letters (New Rochelle, New York), reflecting the broad diversity that lives in the community and an interesting mosaic demonstrating New Rochelle’s many facets and cultures. The color palette reflects the natural setting in New Rochelle – from its waterfront on the Sound to the park-like canopy throughout the community.

In the time following the brand’s implementation, New Rochelle has seen continued momentum in downtown development with interest from residents, local employers and prospective businesses – as evidenced by recently attracting $2.2 billion in private investment.