Osceola County, Florida

For enterprising individuals building a strong foundation today, Osceola County, the vacation home capital of the world, drives Central Florida forward to the leading edge of new ideas and vibrant cultures.
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About This Project

Key Challenge

If you’ve ever visited Walt Disney World, chances are you’ve heard of or stayed in the Kissimmee-St. Cloud area of Osceola County. And if you didn’t stay there, chances are the Disney Cast Members who entertained or served you live in Osceola County. After all, it’s closer to Disney World than Downtown Orlando, which is in Orange County. This location has meant ready employment to thousands for decades and has contributed to rapid growth in this historic Florida ranching community. With lower costs, cultural diversity and an enviable array of lakes and nature-based activities, Osceola County’s population swelled by 42% between 2010 and 2020, far outpacing both the state’s and the nation’s rates of growth. With population and demands on county services forecasted to keep growing, Osceola County had a nice opportunity but needed to diversify its economy to create higher-wage job growth to increase standards of living and continue to deliver best-in-class services. Yet, its brand told a limited story and made no invitation to potential employers, investors and residents.

Critical Insight

As an edge or “shadow” county to a larger metropolitan area, Osceola County may have become too comfortable underselling its remarkable story. North Star’s research and discovery brought to the surface a story of innovation and industry that make Osceola County a highly competitive location. Between ranching innovations, modern vacation home technology breakthroughs and leading-edge sensor technology (incubated and fueled at the 500-acre NeoCity technology park), Osceola’s infrastructure and heritage were built for forward progress. In short, the county had a clear pattern of firsts. Plus, its easy, small towns and wide open spaces-Florida lifestyle brought balanced the culture of ambition and innovation with a level of livability not possible for residents of Orange County to the north.

Brand Identity

The Osceola County DNA statement captures the essence of its proposition: driving Central Florida forward. While embracing the county’s ranching and lakeside heritage by preserving its beautiful seal, the new Osceola County brand made a bold invitation, verbally and graphically, to prospective residents and employers: be first to what’s next. Whether with regard to lifestyle or business growth, Osceola County’s promise is to get you there faster. The iconic “O” identity captures every color of the county’s natural spectrum of assets (from green pastures and blue skies to majestic sunsets) while the strapline presents the confidence and excitement of this Florida mega county on the grow. The results are proving that Osceola County investors want to be first: soon after the brand’s launch, a foreign technology leader purchased 25 acres for buildout and investment, setting the stage for the high-wage job growth that was the very motive for the county’s brand evolution.