Orange Park, Florida

For young families seeking a safe, close-knit and comfortable enclave with Jacksonville at its doorstep, the small, riverfront Town of Orange Park, at the pinnacle of Clay County, is an inviting collection of parks, neighborhoods and experiences beneath towering live oaks, serving your quality of life and quantity of opportunity with ease.
Town of Orange Park, Florida shuttle bus
Community Wide
About This Project

Special things come in small packages—precisely the situation in the Town of Orange Park. At roughly five square miles in size, the Town was very proud of all that its small size delivered, but its share of voice (and new investment) had been fading.

Located at the northern end of a county growing quickly southward, the Town knew it was time to assert itself to capture its share of the growth and reclaim its position as Clay County’s business services, healthcare and lifestyle hub. In concert with long term planning to improve its retail frontage and aesthetics along busy state road 17, the main artery from adjacent Jacksonville to the north, the Town of Orange Park also sought to improve outdated perceptions. The Town needed a refreshed brand to reawaken appreciation for its natural, waterfront beauty, rich history, warm sense of connection and enviable proximity to vibrant Jacksonville.

With a capacity of about 10,000 residents, there was power in the fact that the Town could only entertain so much growth. With infill and regentrification its goals, the assignment was about repositioning this North Florida gem for the future it deserved. While much of the new and expansive residential growth flew south of the Town, it owns one immovable advantage: it is the only town in Clay County that shares its border with Jacksonville, a major metro and employment center. Simply put, the Town of Orange Park is closer. But North Star’s discovery process found that “closer” didn’t just describe the Town of Orange Park’s geographic location; it also described the beneficial ways in which residents and businesses can interact with one another each day.

Brand Identity

The DNA strategy led North Star to leverage the unique experiences that only the Town of Orange Park can deliver. Its small size puts residents closer to natural beauty, closer to history and closer to friends, family and faith (and did we mention it puts them closer to Jacksonville?). In short, Closer to What Matters. Centered on this brand strapline, North Star built the visual brand identity of the Town around its trademark orange color, but also around the Town’s signature natural asset, its towering oak trees. The brand logo carries a tone of new vibrancy and premium, yet down to earth, personality. Fittingly, the brand has been met with a warm welcome and is well on its way to helping them position for heightened investment and prosperity.