Greater Austin Economic Development Corporation (Opportunity Austin) Engages North Star for Branding & National Marketing Program

North Star, a national place branding and marketing agency, was recently contracted by the Greater Austin Economic Development Corporation, doing business as Opportunity Austin, to spearhead an organizational branding initiative and national marketing strategy. 

Formed in 2004, Opportunity Austin exists to advance economic development and job-creating investment in the Central Texas region. It has helped facilitate the city’s rapid and well documented growth, having more than doubled its population in that timespan and brought 600,000-plus jobs to the region. The Austin region also serves as home to several Fortune 500 company HQs and locations, including Dell Technologies, Tesla, Oracle and Whole Foods, among others. 

With a refined brand identity and strategic marketing program, Opportunity Austin aims to attract further capital investment, jobs, talent and continue to advance its culture of innovation. In these ways, the organization’s work is focused both outside of the Austin Region and within in, where it serves as both advocate and convener.

North Star and Opportunity Austin will receive input from a variety of business leaders, regional stakeholders and national business decision makers to ultimately develop a brand positioning and platform that properly differentiates the organization and greater region. It will also develop and implement a national marketing strategy that continues to position the region as a global business destination and helps to attract additional investment. 

“It’s no secret that Austin is a global leader in economic development and attracting job-creating investment,” said Will Ketchum, president, North Star. “A refined brand position and national marketing strategy for Opportunity Austin is a key component in the next stage of its economic growth – both nationally and within its regional, multi-county ecosystem.” 

The branding initiative is underway and expected to reach completion in the first half of 2024.


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