Standing for Something: Now, More Than Ever

It has been a remarkable six months. COVID-19 with its human and economic impact. Black Lives Matter. Hurricanes. Fires. Election tension. As a community and destination, your first priorities are undoubtedly public health and safety. While these issues are of highest importance, it’s also important to think ahead. The seas will calm. The economy will stabilize – and even grow. People will travel again. Where will your community be? How will it be positioned for progress?

Start preparing now to put your best foot forward when things return to a reasonable state of equilibrium. Your community or destination brand will be your calling card when the new day dawns (hopefully) in 2021. Beginning a process of self-examination and strategic planning this Fall can put you in a position to thrive next year.

Start by convening stakeholders. Then survey your residents. Then survey those from afar regarding perceptions of your community. Next, channel your learnings into a definitive community DNA statement that defines what you alone stand for in the world. Armed with an ownable, distinct and authentic DNA, you are ready to develop a creative expression of your community. Write your original story, share it within your community and then invite the world to your community.

There’s so much on your plate given the complex, weighty matters of today. Let us help you with tomorrow. When the present is so tough, you’ll actually find inspiration in the process of planning for your ideal future.