McKinney, Texas

For people who like to do things their own way, McKinney is a one-of-a-kind town near (but not shadowed by) Dallas, where even Mother Nature feels free to stand out from the crowd so you have the confidence of knowing “McKinney’s got its own.”
Community Wide
About This Project

McKinney has a solid dose of Texas swagger and a tendency to do things their own way. But their location – in the mammoth shadow of the Dallas Metroplex – meant they were often viewed as a cookie cutter bedroom community. How, then, to help this unique community break out of the mold and show the world that McKinney’s got its own?

North Star’s research showed that McKinney is very different from Dallas and other surrounding cities. Those differences include rolling hills, lots of green space, lots of attitude and lots of opportunities. Guess that’s why it’s the fastest growing city in the nation.

Brand Identity

The line “Unique By nature” resonated with McKinney stakeholders, residents and businesses because it connects and supports the two major assets that make this thriving community so special — the beauty of Mother Nature and the nature of the people. As the City Manager said, “What makes us ‘Unique By Nature’ is the community’s willingness to work together to make McKinney a better place. Any city can add new developments and accommodate population growth, but few can lay claim to a citizenry that exudes contagious community pride and embodies a spirit of giving back.” Developed 10 years ago, this eternally relevant brand inspired many marketing followers who have used “By Nature” in their straplines.