West Plains, Missouri

For those with the courage to forge their own path, West Plains, at the center of the beauty of the Ozarks, is a city where a heritage of forward-thinking people help you start your next adventure and achieve your goals on your own terms.
Community Wide
About This Project

Scattered throughout this nation are hardworking, efficient communities who make smart decisions and offer residents and businesses a strong toehold for success.  These communities aren’t ostentatious or high profile.  They prefer to spend money on function rather than flash.  West Plains, Missouri is just such a community.  But community leaders recognized that to keep things humming along efficiently, the city needed to coalesce around what makes them special and figure out how to convey that message to their consumers.

West Plains has a long history of making things happen.  In small business development, in mentoring, in education and in leadership.  Bottom line, West Plains has got your back, which makes the chances of personal and professional success significantly greater.  And in these tenuous times, who wouldn’t want to live in a place that gives them that type of advantage?

Brand Identity

“Make it happen here” sums up the advantage of West Plains as succinctly as any line could. The city logo featuring the integration of a compass and the Ozark Mountains is as clean, simple, beautiful and hardworking as the community itself. But use of the word “here” in the line calls out for a device that visually directs people to their dreams. North Star developed two complementary logos, one for use in promoting the city and one as an instantly recognizable icon for identifying places where people are making it happen. The visual concept features the many different sides of West Plains, showing that when it comes to what’s happening…the sky is the limit.