To Whom Does Your Community Have The Most Appeal?

This is the question answered in North Star’s process where research drives the creation of a strategic DNA statement about what is authentic and ownable for your community and focuses your unique story toward those who will be most interested. Hopefully you have uncovered your target audience in a similar fashion. This is not the only group you will pursue or communicate with, but it is certainly a group that will be attracted and responsive to your message and unique offering. Reaching this group will be the most efficient, expedient, and effective use of marketing resources and dollars. We know they are drawn to what makes your place special. And as you consider creative decisions that present and articulate your community’s distinction to that focused audience, you and the decision-making creative team have some self-reflection to do before you get started.

Describe those to whom you have the most appeal. Did you and your team describe yourselves?

Hopefully someone described himself or herself. In that case, you have an inside line to what your target may like or respond to. But usually the majority of creative review committees do not identify as the target audience revealed through your research. So their job just got harder. When you are reviewing creative options for taglines, logos and other branding decisions, it is imperative to keep your strategic positioning in mind and your target audience. Remember that you are making decisions based on what is right for your community and for those you are appealing to most. Your subjective opinions about what you like (and those of each of your team/committee) will certainly enter the conversation and evaluation, but the success of your brand may depend on your ability to make choices beyond your personal preferences.

So repeat after me. “I AM NOT THE AUDIENCE!”

This is an important mantra for creative committee members to recall (unless they are part of your target audience) every time they are presented with creative content. We have even produced buttons for team members to wear as a not-so-subtle reminder. Your creative committee making the decisions needs to challenge each other and your design team regularly. That will provide for the best creative output for your distinctly special place. And those folks you want to attract should like it too.