Unifying Multiple Community Distinctions into a Unique Brand Identity

Diversity across ethnicity, geography, cultures and experiences is a strong community asset. However, it presents especially difficult challenges in branding a region or place. It’s a good problem to possess, but complex nonetheless. You have something for nearly everybody, but how is that consolidated into a concise, simple and powerful brand position?

Over the years, we’ve worked with several communities that faced this branding challenge. It’s particularly common in large counties and regions with a variety of cities, towns or neighborhoods – or for those with multiple and evolving experiences.

For example, it exists in a city or region with laidback beach neighborhoods, yet a more developed, vibrant and ambitious downtown district. Or, a region with deep historical and cultural roots that is experiencing aggressive economic growth.

Balancing multiple community distinctions, whether tangible or intangible, and infusing them into a unified brand identity and message is one of the most single important elements to community branding. You cannot overlook important features of a community, but you also must avoid an identity that demonstrates compromise and clutter.

You can’t arrive at the right brand identity without a sound process. You must deploy a widespread research and input gathering approach that aims to uncover the opinions and perspectives of every corner of the community. Offering every resident the opportunity to contribute and asking them the right questions will ensure you capture the essence that you need to eventually arrive at the correct brand answer.

Additionally, those nearby and adjacent to your community matter. Those outside perspectives are a key ingredient to your community’s reputation. They, too, are important to understanding your community’s distinctions and current position in the marketplace.

Then, the real fun takes place. What are the key messages rising above specific distinctions, while still recognizing the aspects that define each area of your community? It’s a highly strategic and delicate process that doesn’t happen overnight. But, it’s what we do and have passion for every day.

From the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire with 32 towns and cities, to Placer County, the home of Lake Tahoe to the east, and Sacramento suburbs to the west, we specialize in uncovering a diverse community’s authentic difference. We can help you find your truly distinct positioning so you can reach your preferred future. Let’s get started.