How to Elevate Your Economic Development Website

In the ever-competitive landscape of economic development, a well-executed website is a key component for attracting business relocation and expansion to a region. As a digital window to your corner of the world, it is essential to seamlessly integrate messaging, information, design, content, and functionality in a way that showcases your organization and your community in the best light, and what these businesses stand to gain by partnering with you. This task can feel daunting, but with the below priorities as a guide, you can make sure your website is working at its peak for your community’s economic goals.

A Clear and Easy Interface

First, your website needs a user-friendly interface. Make sure you have clear navigation menus and a logical hierarchy that tells your story and guides visitors to essential information on the local economy. C-level executives and site selectors don’t have time to hunt and peck for key variables in their equation. Make it easy for them to get what they need … and get you what you need in return.

High-Quality and Interactive Content

A visually compelling homepage sets the stage, featuring key economic indicators, success stories, and upcoming events. But it’s not just about aesthetics – high-quality, accessible content is the backbone. Dive deep into local industries, business resources, and incentives, presenting information in a format that resonates with your audience and moves them to action. Interactive elements, such as maps and data visualizations, can bring economic data to life. Imagine a potential investor exploring interactive maps showcasing economic zones, available properties, and vital infrastructure – a powerful tool for decision-making.

An Accessible Experience

Since your targets travel all the time, a website’s responsiveness is paramount in this mobile-driven era, providing a seamless experience across devices. A first-class experience on a phone can show decisionmakers that you know your audience and that the region understands the proper use of technology. Accessibility is a non-negotiable aspect as well. The website should be designed to cater to people with disabilities, adhering to web accessibility guidelines.
For regions with a goal of attracting international investment, multilingual support opens doors to a broader audience. There are several easy to implement tools that will take your content and translate it into virtually any language, but if you can actually adjust your content to truly speak to those remote targets the more authentic their experience will be.

Quick Access to Necessary Resources

A dedicated section on business resources is a must. From permits and regulations to financing and incentive options, businesses should easily navigate the steps involved. Supplementing facts with success stories and testimonials add a personal touch, building credibility and attracting potential investors.

A Regularly Updated News Section

Keeping current and future stakeholders in the loop is also vital. A regularly updated news section serves as a hub for recent developments, policy changes, and upcoming events. It’s also imperative to propagate this news across your social media channels, as it creates a space for businesses, residents, and stakeholders to share experiences and insights.

Staying Ahead of the SEO Curve

A critical but often overlooked part of website management is implementing SEO best practices, both at launch and at ongoing intervals. Being at the top of search engine results for key terms and keeping your site sticky with search engines will make it easy for your targets to find you and get what they need.

Data and Insights

Finally, analytics integration is the final piece of the puzzle, providing valuable insights into user behavior, popular pages, and other metrics. This data fuels continuous improvement, ensuring the website remains effective in showcasing your region and helping quantify its impact on job growth and capital investment.

Creating an impactful economic development website is not just a task but a strategic endeavor. By combining thoughtful design, compelling content, and user-friendly functionality, regions can position themselves as prime destinations for businesses and investors, fostering sustained economic growth.

Is your economic development website in need of thoughtful and robust elevation? We can be a strategic partner throughout the entire process.