Quincy’s Calling Campaign Attracts New Residents

North Star Client Welcomes 61 New Residents Just Six Months After Launching “Quincy’s Calling” Campaign

Jacksonville, FL, March 14, 2022 — North Star Place Branding + Marketing, a national place branding and marketing agency, today announced that its client, Quincy, Illinois, has welcomed 61 new residents after the September 2021 launch of Quincy’s Calling,” a multi-year resident and workforce recruitment campaign. This initiative, created and fostered by North Star, is aimed at attracting talent to fill the area’s available jobs and support long-term economic growth.

Quincy’s Calling has attracted new residents from a variety of regions across the country and internationally – even as Illinois ranks as one of the leading states nationwide in population loss. Some have relocated within the state from bigger cities with higher costs of living such as Chicago, while others have made the move from Texas, New York, Nevada and even Puerto Rico.

As part of the ongoing campaign, new residents who qualify – including remote workers – earn incentives of up to $5,000 after moving to Quincy and securing a job. These residents have taken positions with companies across Quincy, including major American manufacturers and regional healthcare systems that call the city home.

“The Quincy’s Calling campaign has been a huge success ever since its launch,” said Kyle Moore, president of the Great River Economic Development Foundation in Quincy. “Working with North Star, we developed an integrated campaign that marketed our differentiators and has sparked interest from folks across the country. We’re excited about what’s to come.”

North Star spearheaded the Quincy’s Calling campaign after building the city’s current brand, “Quincy, Right on Q” in 2015. The campaign features a variety of engaging content, including a website, relocation guide, testimonial videos, as well as outdoor, TV, radio, digital and social media advertising. Quincy’s Calling has also organically earned coverage from media such as Business Insider, Yahoo! News and the Chicago Tribune, among others. 

“Quincy’s Calling is a great example of how we help places take their brand identity to the next level by creating activations and campaigns that enable them to better compete in the marketplace,” said Will Ketchum, president, North Star. “As the pandemic and other factors continue to encourage individuals to move where they want – often to small-to-medium-sized markets – branding and marketing your quality of place is paramount. Leaders in Quincy have been strategic and proactive, leading to meaningful return on investment. And they’re just getting started.”

North Star’s 2021 “Why They Moved” study found that only 12% of participants who recently moved considered finding the right job, regardless of place, to be their primary goal in relocating. It’s why cities like Quincy, Illinois are experiencing success in marketing their family-friendly lifestyle, shorter commutes and lower costs of living and housing – which are 24.5% and 52% lower than national averages, respectively. 

For more information about the Quincy’s Calling campaign, visit QuincysCalling.com


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